Welcome to Altadawul Academy

Welcome to Altadawul Academy—a behind the scenes look at the people, programs and perspectives that are the pulse of the company. We are glad you found us. Meet our amazing staff, instructors and students, check out their contributions, and get inspired. As you explore, you will see that we put love at the core of everything we do from helping our students become confident traders, to our inspirational instructors, our network of centers, our happy employees, the community, and beyond.

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Admission Open for 2022

AAFFA prides itself for graduating an extensive number of high-ranking leaders, notable decision makers and influencers who continue to drive their impact in different areas in the business world of today.



Our vision is to make a fundamental impact on banking, financial services and different areas in the business sector in the Arab World. AAFFA strives to create an environment to support and inspire individuals involved in these sectors to realize their potentials and fulfill their dreams.




We are determined and committed to prepare highly-qualified calibers by expanding their managerial knowledge in banking and finance among other business areas. Armed with its professional staff and highly qualified specialists, AAFFA endeavors to enlighten the brightest of minds in the business sectors and constantly works on expanding new partnerships with prestigious universities and specialized research centers to realize this goal.




Learning is important; knowing how to apply it on the job is even more so. Therefore, AAFFA is keen on hiring the highest caliber of instructors who have advanced degrees and years of real world-experience, to ensure the students learn skills they can use in advancing their own career paths.